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Ventilation Cooling System for Workshops and Plants
Our ventilation cooling system is comprised of a combination of air coolers and evaporative cooler pads. As water evaporation absorbs heat, this system cools the workshops and plants with an electricity consumption that is a tenth of traditional air conditioners.

Our ventilation cooling system comes with numerous advantages:

1. Great ventilation effects
The large-flow air cooler works in conjunction with the entire cooling system to quickly remove heat, waste gas, and unpleasant smells from the room to avoid irritants they cause to people. Our air cooler can interchange the indoor and outdoor air every minute. This is a level of efficiency that other common ventilators and cooling systems cannot achieve.

2. Improves efficiency of employees
A workshop that is stuffy and lacks oxygen leads to employees with difficulty concentrating. Our evaporative cooler pad not only cools the workshop to relieve the stuffiness, but also creates anion oxygen to increase oxygen content in the room. By doing this, it relieves employees and enhances their working efficiency.

3. Healthy and eco-friendly
Our air cooler uses water as the cooling agent, leading to no pollution during the manufacturing and operating processes. In addition to cooling the air, the evaporative cooler pad is also capable of achieving air purification by removing dust and particles. The circulating fresh air helps prevent the spread of industrial and epidemic diseases.

4. High applicability
Our negative pressure ventilation cooling system is applicable for workshops where high temperatures and poor ventilation is common.