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Ventilation and Cooling Equipment for Chemical Fiber Textile Industry
Yihe is a professional ventilation fan and evaporative cooler pad manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us to find the right equipment to meet your needs.

Humidification plays a large role in textile production. Relative humidity in a workshop can greatly influence the performance of fiber yarn with moisture retention, strength and softness. By maintaining the relative humidity in a textile workshop so that it stays around 70 to 80%, yarn strength is enhanced and end breakage is reduced. It also eliminates static electricity and flying hair in the air so as to keep the stretching, carding and spinning of fibers on track.

Ventilation and Cooling
By using a negative ventilation fan, hot air in the dying workshops in textile industries is drawn out, and outside air will return via the evaporative cooler pad. When hot dry air passes through the evaporative cooler pad, heat in the air is absorbed due to the evaporation of water in the pad. By doing this, air flowing into the workshop is wet and cool. This cooler air lowers temperatures and increases the humidity of the workshop.