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  • Ventilation and Cooling Equipment for Chemical Fiber Textile Industry

  • By using a negative ventilation fan, hot air in the dying workshops in textile industries is drawn out, and outside air will return via the evaporative cooler pad. When hot dry air passes through the evaporative cooler pad, heat in the air is absorbed due to the evaporation of water in the pad. By doing this, air flowing into the workshop is wet and cool. This cooler air lowers temperatures and increases the humidity of the workshop.

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  • Ventilation Fan for Livestock Farming

  • Our ventilation fan for livestock farms has several powerful functions. It draws the air inside the room out, creating a negative pressure zone to allow the outdoor fan to push air into. For practical use, the ventilation fan is installed on one side of the building, while the air inlet is installed on the other side. By doing this, an air convection is formed between the air inlet and ventilation fan. Our fan can ventilate the livestock farm in just a few minutes.

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  • Ventilation Equipment for Flower and Vegetable Planting

  • Our negative ventilation system is comprised of the exhaust fan, air heater, temperature sensor and constant temperature system control box to adjust the temperature inside the greenhouse. An auxiliary lighting system that utilizes plant lights and reflectors is mounted around the planting grooves to provide light for photosynthesis when no light is available, and the humidity control system works in conjunction with the exhaust fan to keep the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse stable.

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  • Ventilation Cooling System for Medical and Chemical Industries

  • Using water as a cooling agent, the manufacturing and operation of our air cooler will not contaminate the environment. Our evaporative cooler pad not only lowers temperatures, but also purifies the air by removing dust and other particles. The circulating fresh air helps prevent the spread of disease.

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  • Humidification and Cooling Equipment for the Tobacco Industry

  • Our advanced ventilation cooling equipment is ideal for creating environments that are great for the natural mellowing of tobacco leaves. It helps prevent mildew and shortens the mellowing cycle, increasing the storage quality of tobacco. As a hygroscopic material, tobacco contains water, though the amount varies in response to humidity and temperature. Due to this, it is important to control the temperature and humidity of the warehouse in order to achieve a better mellowing of the tobacco.

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  • Humidification and Ventilation Equipment for Printing Industries

  • Printing workshops can become crowded and noisy, and the printing process can produce pungent odors that distract employees from their tasks, which is why it is important and necessary to ventilate and cool the printing workshop. Our ventilation cooling equipment is able to draw out the hot air and unpleasant smell, and replaces it with clean, fresh air. This improves working conditions in the printing workshop and enhances workshop efficiency of the employees.

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  • Humidification and Ventilation Equipment for Garment and Shoe Making

  • Our negative pressure exhaust fan both ventilates and cools the garment and shoe manufacturing workshops. Our negative pressure exhaust fan creates negative pressure areas in the workshop, drawing out dirty air and allowing it to be replaced with fresh air. With a comfortable working environment, employees work better.

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  • Humidification and Cooling Equipment for the Metallurgical Industry

  • Installing a ventilation cooling system with an evaporative cooler pad allows air inside the workshop to be exchanged continuously, and the temperature to lower by nearly 30℃. Our ventilation cooling system is able to relieve stuffiness in your workshop by removing the particles caused by electroplating and introduces clean, fresh air into the room.

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  • Humidification and Ventilation Equipment for Food Industry

  • In the food processing industry, the processing environment has a direct impact on the quality of finished food. Our ventilation cooling equipment for food processing workshops help improve air quality and offer employees a comfortable working environment without compromising on food safety.

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  • Ventilation Cooling System for Eco-Hotels

  • Our ventilation cooling system with an evaporative cooling pad is a great alternative. This system is able to remove hot air and introduce fresh, clean air into the hotel to create a comfortable dining experience. It allows interior air to be continuously exchanged with outdoor air and lower the temperature by nearly 30℃.

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