Weifang Yihe Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Dongjing Road, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, China

Tel.: +86-536-3281325

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Contact Person: Zhenguo Chen

  • Company Profile

  • Yihe is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of highly efficient, qualified ventilation, cooling, heating, humidification and drying equipment for your home or business. We are a high-tech company that designs, produces, sells and installs a variety of ventilation fans, evaporative coolers, and air heaters, with a product catalogue of 60 different series, broken down into 200 different models. Our products cover ventilation fans for livestock farms, negative pressure ventilation fans, ventilation fans for gardens, evaporative cooler pads, fully-automatic oil-fired, coal-fired, or gas fired heaters, drying machines and more. In addition to our complete line of standard products, we can provide customized temperature control equipment.

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  • Development History

  • 1987
    Our company was formed, and at the time was named Qingzhou Huadong Electrical Appliance Factory.

    We cooperated with a number of universities in China and invited senior engineers to help us develop high and low voltage switch cabinets. We also launched several new products this year, all of which were well received.

    We formed the Weifang Yihe Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd together with a business man from Taiwan. The new company focused on independently developing switch power supplies, high and low voltage switch cabinets, and electric gaming machines.

    Yihe successfully developed the fully automatic coal-fired and oil-fired air heaters. As the first company in China that could produce this equipment, we gave warmth to the flower and vegetable growing industries through winter.

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  • Research and Development

  • With our emphasis on putting quality and our customers first, Yihe has an advanced design concept, mature processing technologies and complete inspection methods to produce high quality ventilation fans and air heaters. Thanks to an advanced management team, rigorous quality control systems and excellent service groups laying the foundation for our products on the international market, we have become a leading manufacturer. We not only have the ability to produce standard products, but also can manufacture ventilation fans, and other cooling and heating equipment that is customized according to dimensions and working capacity the customer requires.

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  • Certificates

    • China Compulsory Certification
    • China Compulsory Certification
    • China Compulsory Certification
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