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Duck Nest Box

Available in a 40 x 40 cm size, each box can be used for 3 to 5 ducks. You can connect up to 6 boxes together to form a group of nesting boxes for the ducks. Lay soft, dry materials on the bottom for padding and change it every 2 weeks.

These boxes are usually put into the duck house before the ducks are 24 weeks old (usually when the ducks are 22 weeks old or 2 weeks before the ducks begin to lay eggs). The nesting boxes should be placed evenly around the inside of the duck house. Do not move the nesting boxes arbitrarily as long as they have been well placed.


1. Long Life
Our duck nest box is made of top quality engineered plastics added with age resister, making it more durable.

2. Breeding Environment Adaptation
The duck nesting box we offer adapts to breeding environments well since it is resistant to water immersion, acid, alkali and dampness. It can be easily cleaned or disinfected directly with a liquid cleaning agent or disinfectant.

3. Easy Assembling and Space Saving
Folding the duck nest box into a square shape and connecting 3 or 4 boxes together through steel fasteners will help make full use of your breeding space.

4. Easy Storage and Transportation
After removing the steel fasteners, the duck nesting boxes can be flattened for packaging. They take up little space and are easy to store or transport.

5. High Safety
Designed with an integrated box body and a low arc-shaped entrance, our duck nest boxes are safe to use and will not hurt the ducklings or damage the duck eggs.

6. Low Cost and High Usability
This nesting box is reasonably priced and can be used for over 5 years under normal conditions. It helps the users lower their operation cost greatly.

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