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Poultry Feeding System

1. A screw conveyor made from imported special high carbon manganese steel is used in our poultry feeding system to convey the fodder for poultry.
2. At the end of the main poultry feeding line, there is a fodder position sensor which can automatically control the start or stop of the motor in order to achieve automatic fodder feeding.
3. The feeding tray of this poultry feeding system is able to swing and turn 360°, preventing the chickens from hurting each other. The detachable feeding tray can also be used separately and is easy to clean.
4. Our chicken or duck feeding system can be widely used in all kinds of poultry farms.

Technical Parameters Poultry Feeding System
Drive motor Power 750W
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Protection grade IP55
Feeding system Feeding tube diameter ¢75×3.6mm
Feeding capacity 1400kg/h
Maximum conveying length 60m
Sensor Time delay within 2 hours is available.
Screw conveyor Spiral spring imported from South Africa
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