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Air Inlet

1. Material

High quality raw materials makes our air inlet very durable. It is manufactured by injection molding using PS engineering plastics added with a certain amount of age resister.

2. Light Hood
This ventilation window features ease of assembly and can be fitted with a light hood if customer requires. The light hood will be easily fastened to the ventilation window by screws.

3. Automatic Guide Plate
An automatic guide plate is available to be configured to our air inlet. The angle of the guide plate can be adjusted automatically according to the opening angle of the ventilation window for better ventilation effect.

4. Pulley
The specially designed pulleys with steel wire rope and connecting rod make the air vent more flexibly to be opened and more easily to install.

5. Closing Mechanism
On the top edge of the ventilation window door and the top of the window body there are specially designed mechanism to make sure the air inlet can be closed tightly.

6. Reset Spring
The reset spring and pulley bracket are both made of stainless steel which is anti-rusty and durable.

7. Anti-Bird Grids
Our air inlet is designed with reinforced anti-bird grids fastened by screws instead of the traditional buckles. This design effectively prevents the grids from being damaged during transportation.

Installation Instructions

1. The walls that the air inlet will be installed on must be in the same plane.
2. Make sure walls in a 15cm radius around the air vent be solid walls applicable for mounting expansion bolts. (Walls constructed by hollow bricks are not suitable.)
3. In order to prevent rain water from flowing back, the inner lower edge of the draining hole must be higher that the outer lower edge.
4. The pre-embedded wood frame must be parallel with the interior wall of the poultry house.
5. Reserved hole size for this air inlet is 610×280mm.

Technical Parameters
Electric winch Power of motor 500W
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Revolving speed 1400r/min
Velocity ratio 700: 1
Torque 500NM
Manual winch Rated load 1500lbs
Transmission ratio 41: 1
Reserved hole size 280×610mm
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