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Poultry House Light Hood

The poultry house light hood is usually used in conjunction with negative pressure ventilation fan to prevent the sunlight from coming into the poultry house while ventilate and cool the poultry house.

1. Our poultry house light hood is made up of anti-glare PVC corrugated sheets formed by injection molding.
2. This poultry house light shield is easy to install and can be assembled into different sizes according to practical needs.
3. Stainless steel or galvanized sheet are two types of materials for making the outer frames of our poultry house light hood.
4. The corrugated sheets made of anti-glare PVC materials are resistant to sunlight, chemicals and high pressure cleaning.
5. Thanks to the corrugated sheets designed with reasonable angles, our light trap can completely keep the sunlight out of the poultry house.
6. The specially manufactured lock catches make the poultry house light hood more secure.

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