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Coal-fired Air Heater

1. Our coal-fired air heater is easy to operate. The temperature control device will automatically control the temperature as long as you have set the sensing systems in the combustion chamber and your factory or poultry house. All you need to do then is add coal into the combustion chamber.
2. Because the gas flue is controlled by an induced draft fan, the gas flue can heat a room together with the hot air. The total heat use efficiency of our coal-fired air heater is as high as 95%.
3. This coal-fired heater is specially designed with a secondary heating function and can heat a room quickly with clean air.
4. A specially manufactured cast steel tubing system that is durable and heat resistant is used in the combustion chamber.
5. Two hot air ducts allow the clean hot air to flow from their top end to the terminal end to heat a room evenly.
6. The coal-fired heater we offer is equipped with two forced draft fans. In case one breaks, the other ensures the air heating system continues to work normally.

Our coal-fired air heater has the capacity to heat up to 1200 square meters and is widely used for the following applications:
1. Warming of agricultural greenhouses, livestock, and poultry houses
2. Drying and dehumidification of small to medium sized enterprise workshops for papermaking, pharmaceutical, grain processing, and silk industries.
3. Ventilation and drying of mines and other underground engineering.

Basic Parameters of Coal-Fired Air Heater
Item Parameter value
Rated heating capacity (kcal/h) 100000/200000
Thermal efficiency (% ) ≥ 80
Hot air outlet temperature (℃) 40~80
Rated hot air output (m3/h) ≥ 6×103
Gas flue outlet temperature (℃) ≤ 180
Rated coal consumption (kg/h) 35-40 (standard coal)
Heating area (m2) 600/1200
Fuel Coal
Forced draft fan power (kW) 3~5.5
Induced draft fan power (kW) 0.37~0.55
Gross weight (kg) 1200
Overall dimension (mm) 1930×1580×1450/1950×1600×2300
Technical Parameters of Coal-Fired Air Heater
Model GS3 GS5 GS10 GS20
Electrical parameters Fan Nm3/h 0.4-1.4 0.7-2.2 1.6-4.4 3.1-8.9
Power supply Model Forward inclined blade
Control power supply max. ℃ 40
Control box Ph/Hz/V 1/50/230 ±10%
Protection grade Model 525SE/5 525SE/3 508SE 508SE
Current A 0.1 0.11 0.13 0.25
Protection grade of electrical components Model 40
Power of motor kW 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.09
Current of motor A 0.6 0.65 0.7 1.4
Protection grade of motor IP 20
Emission standards Operation mode Intermittent (The coal-fired air heater needs to stop working for some time every 24 hours.)
Noise dB (A) 55 58 65 72
CO mg/kWh < 40
Nox mg/kWh ≤120
Specification 90/396/EEC, 89/336/EEC, 73/23/EEC, 98/37/EEC, 92/42/EEC
Standard EN 676
Certification CE.0063 AP6680

Reference Conditions
1. Temperature: 20℃
2. Atmospheric pressure: 1013.5mbar
3. Elevation: 100m
4. Distance from the air heater to the noise test position: 1m

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