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Evaporative Cooler Pad

The evaporative cooler pad we can offer is a key component in an evaporative cooling system. The cooling pad is made from corrugated fiber paper and is covered with a thin film of water. When the outdoor, dry, hot air the exhaust fan has sucked in passes through the paper pad, the water in the pad evaporates into vapor by absorbing the heat, By doing so, the hot dry air is changed into cool wet air and flows into your room.

Our evaporative cooler pads together with exhaust fans form the vertical ventilation cooling system which is an economical and efficient cooling facility for greenhouses during hot summer.

1. Water cooler pad
2. Exhaust fan
3. Window
4. Lateral evaporative cooling system
5. Vertical evaporative cooling system
6. Negative pressure ventilation system

1. This cooling pad is made from pure wood pulp paper imported from the Netherlands. This evaporative cooling pad is durable due to its high structural strength, corrosion resistance, and mildew resistance.
2. With no surfactant, the cooler pad absorbs water both naturally and efficiently. Its natural water absorption height is 60-70mm/5 minutes, or 200 mm/hour. No drop of water can spread into the swamp cooler pad in as little as 5 seconds, and the water absorption property of our cooling pad is up to international standards, while surpassing national standards.
3. No phenol or other chemicals that may cause skin irritation are used, making this evaporative cooler accessory economical, green, safe and practical.

The evaporative cooler pad can be used in conjunction with a negative pressure exhaust fan to form an environmentally friendly evaporative cooling system. This eco-friendly cooling system is useful in places with high temperatures and poor ventilation, such as greenhouses, enclosed pastures, textile workshops, garment making workshops, injection molding workshops, hardware factories, shoe factories, and electronic factories. Our evaporative cooling system can also be customized based on your specific environment, allowing you to adjust the air speed and air flow according to the practical conditions in your room.

Specification of evaporative cooler pad
Model 7090 7060 5090
Height of pad (H) (mm) 1500.1800.2000 1500.1800.2000 Custom-made
Width of pad (W) (mm) 900.600.300 900.600.300 Custom-made
Depth of pad (D) (mm) 100.150.200 100.150.200 Custom-made
Height of flute (h) (mm) 7 7 5
Angle of flute (a) (°) 45 45 45
Angle of flute (b) (°) 45 15 45
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