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Roof Ventilator

The roof ventilator produced by our company is designed with arched blades which have water slots in two different sizes. This ventilation device is driven by natural wind or and rain. When wind is not available, the rising hot air will escape from spaces among the blades to push the main ventilation devices to rotate, creating a large air flow. By doing so, the wind driven ventilator is able to work 24 hours a day without consuming electricity, helping you reduce operation costs and increase profit.

Our roof ventilator is widely used in different industries, including horticulture, stock farming, textiles, mining, chemical, medical, grain, tea, and wood. It is especially useful for machinery manufacturing plants, warehouses, washrooms and kitchens.

Structural Features
Ventilation Mechanism

The arched blades on the roof ventilator are made from stainless steel sheets, color steel tile, or aluminum sheets. Reasonable design gives the blades high flexibility. With water slots on both sides, the blades can take advantage of power supplied by a gentle wind or rain, pushing the ventilation device to rotate.

Neck and Base

An integrated neck and base formed by dedicated dyes for easier machine adjustment is used in our roof ventilator.

Technical Parameters of Roof Ventilator
Technical Details
Model Air outlet diameter (mm) Height (mm) Blade quantity Air speed at the ventilation opening (m/s) Air output (m3/min)
NPF-14" 360 300 24 3.4 23
NPF-20" 500 390 28 3.4 42
NPF-27" 680 640 36 3.4 65
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