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Circulation Fan

Our circulation fan has a nice housing made of top quality stainless steel processed by stretch forming and adopts an integrated current collector. Employing advanced energy-saving technology and automatic protection system, this stainless steel exhaust fan can save lots of energies and has a service life of over 10 years.

The circulation fan produced by our company which is a professional ventilation fan manufacturer is appropriate for a wide variety of applications, for example, industries of flower planting, stock farming, textile, mining, chemical, medical, grain, tea, wood, etc. It is particularly suitable for greenhouse, large exhibition hall and ecological garden.

Structural Features

Made of stainless steel and machined by stretch forming, the housing of our new circulation fan is nice-looking and rust resistant.

Adjustable Supporting Stand

This circulation ventilator is designed to have an adjustable supporting stand which can adjust the air supply angle of the fan according to practical needs. The supporting stand is steady and will not shake when the ventilator starts to work.

Atomization Device

The impinging atomization device of our circulation fan atomizes water with the help of centrifugal force and the atomized vapor will be sent into the air by the ventilation fan to achieve humidification. Our exhaust fan is also equipped with an automatic water supplementing device which can also collect some of the redundant water and guarantee that no water drop will fall onto the ground.

Fan Blade

We cooperate with Xi' an Jiaotong University and Tsinghua University to design the blades of our circulation fan. The fan blades are designed in a particular shape, making them have self-cleaning function. Passing the dynamic balance test and static balance test, the lightweight aluminum fan blades have reasonable angles and are able to produce large air flow with low noise.


Motors used in our circulation fan are totally enclosed motors conforming to the international standards. The motors can be customized to accommodate the indoor environment with high temperature and high humidity. They are able to ensure the efficient and good operation of the circulation exhaust fan.

Technical Details
Model Blade diameter (mm) Blade rotational speed (rpm) Air flow (m3/h) Import power (W) Rated voltage (V) Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
HLF-300 300 1380 1800 120 380/220 325 400
HLF-400 400 1380 2900 150 380/220 430 400
HLF-500 500 1380 5500 250/370 380 530 400
HLF-600 600 1380 9000 370/550 380 630 400
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