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Exhaust Fan with Light Hood

Our exhaust fan with a light hood is great for ventilating poultry houses and it also prevents light from coming in. The light hood is detachable, making it easy to use in different applications. This multi-purpose ventilation equipment is great for greenhouse, poultry houses, and industrial workshops.

The corrugated sheets of the poultry house light hood are produced by using extrusion molding units and anti-glare PVC materials. Due to this, our light hood exhaust fan has great advantages for sunlight resistance, chemical resistance, and high pressure cleaning resistance.

Width of corrugated sheet: 222mm
Thickness of corrugated sheet: 1.1mm
Length of corrugated sheet: <12m (customizable)

Corrugated sheets on the light hood are securely connected using lock catch connectors.

Material of the connection piece: Polypropylene copolymer
Weight of the connection piece: 47.2g
Height of the connection piece: 30mm

The reasonably designed light hoods can be assembled into different sizes according to practical needs. They are easy to install into the exhaust fan, leaving a space of only 30 mm between corrugated sheets.

Customers can select stainless steel housing or tinplate housing for the light hood.

Technical Parameters of Exhaust Fan with Light Hood
The size of light hood is 36", 50", etc. It can be customized according to the customer requirements.

Light hood installation diagram

Light hood working principle and assemble diagram

Light hood application diagram

Light hood light shading effect diagram
Air Flow Curve Chart
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